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    Q: Can I attend the exhibit hall and not the lectures?

    A: In the past we have sold separate the tickets to the exhibit hall, but we are no longer offering this option.


    Q: Can I get a one-day pass?

    A: Yes, check out our registration page.


    Q: How do I become a sponsor or speaker?

    A: Please download and review our sponsor packets here:

    Fall 2014 DC TBYH Sponsor Packet
    Spring 2015 LA TBYH Sponsor Packet
    Fall 2015 DC TBYH Sponsor Packet


    Q: Do you offer scholarship tickets?

    A: No, we do not offer scholarship tickets at this time. You might want to consider volunteering.


    Q: I am very ill and I don’t have the money to come to the conference, but I know that I need to be there. Can I get a discount?

    A: We cannot provide a discount on tickets, but there are other options you can consider. Volunteering gets you into the conference for no cost. You can also join ClubTBYH to learn from our TBYH Experts and speakers at past events. Lastly, spend some time reading through the information on our website. You will learn a lot about Taking Back Your Health just from reading our blog!