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    Get A Personal Tour Inside #TBYHLA With Robin!

    We're excited to release our first feature video from inside Take Back Your Health Los Angeles! In the video, I spend some time interviewing our exhibitors and sponsors, like Saunaspace and Vital Choice Seafood. Bulletproof and I also made a delicious cup of organic coffee in the video and my butter mustache gets a close-up! —Read More

    What Is It About The Take Back Your Health Conference That People Love?

    I don't know what it is about this conference, but each one that we host ends up being completely wonderful, made even more special by the people who come to enjoy it. “It was such a great event! There were so many speakers and exhibitors that were so helpful and informative. It was such a nurturing environment —Read More

    Yoga, Kombucha and Food Trucks! What To Get Excited For At The Take Back Your Health Conference!

    We are quickly approaching the bi-annual Take Back Your Health Conference, happening in Los Angeles this coming April 9-11! There are going to be so many fun things going on at this conference besides the lectures! These are just a few of the highlights: Saturday Morning Giveaway - High Power Blender! You'll have a chance —Read More

    Cancer-Causing Chemicals Get The Boot, New Team Member and Conference Updates

      I want to share some updates with you today, as we prepare for a big spring - two Take Back Your Health Retreats coming up, and of course, the spring Take Back Your Health Conference in Los Angeles! First of all, we've taken on an absolutely wonderful new team member, whom I will introduce —Read More