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    My Strategic Morning Routine

    Morning is such a great time to build a routine around some of your healthy "to-do's" You can build a perfect routine that sets you up for a great day, and takes care of a lot of your most important healthy habits! Morning routines will be in constant flux as life changes, and your approach —Read More

    The Art Of Healing

      Healing is a non-linear journey. It's creative, messy, painful, cyclical and unexpectedly full of blessings.   How do you navigate the journey to health, which has no road map? How do you stay emotionally healthy and physically energized? How do you know you're on the right track?   I'm shedding some light on this most —Read More

    A Missing Piece of the Coconut Oil Controversy

      The American Heart Association just published an article claiming the negative affect of coconut oil on heart disease. This is the same organization that recommended that we eat margarine, or hydrogenated oils, which are now known to directly increase your risk for heart disease. Under their watch, the United States has seen an increase in —Read More

    Success Story: How She Healed From Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and High Cholesterol

      Cindy Santa Ana has a remarkable story of healing, and after extensive nutrition training, now owns a thriving health coaching practice. She is a wizard in the kitchen with healthy meals (that are kid-friendly too)! She'll be teaching us some of her favorite healing herbal tonics at Take Back Your Health DC this fall. —Read More

    The 3 Best Treatments For Chronic Lyme and Autoimmune Disease

      Whenever I'm speaking to groups, I always get asked, "What treatments made the biggest improvement in your health?"   So many people have asked this question, so I figured it was high time to make a video on it! I'm sharing the 3 treatments that made the biggest difference for me in my recovery. These —Read More

    Cilla Whatcott Explains A Safe Alternative To Vaccines Used Around The World

    Meet Cilla Whatcott, one of the rare people in the United States who provides a safe alternative to vaccines.  Cilla will be teaching at Take Back Your Health DC  this September 2-3 about how to strengthen your immunity against common infectious diseases, so that you don't have to risk your health and your life. This immune-supportive therapy, called —Read More

    Is There A Link Between Hypothyroidism, Chronic Disease, and Intestinal Parasites?

    One of our upcoming TBYH Conference speakers, Tanya Bucci, has had personal experience with intestinal parasites causing a myriad of her symptoms, including hypothyroidism, gluten intolerance, anemia, and more. Tanya Bucci is a Certified Nutritionist with a Master's Degree in Research Methodology. She has delved into the world of intestinal parasites, receiving advanced training in how to —Read More

    Why Regenerative Agriculture Is Our Best Hope To Heal Our Planet and Our Health

      One of our upcoming TBYH Conference speakers is Kyle Garner, the CEO of Organic India, a company creating a demand for organic ingredients in an area of the world that has greatly suffered from GMO seed manufacturers. Organic India makes quality herbal teas, supplements and personal products based on the principles of Ayurvedic medicine. We —Read More

    5 Ways To Know If Your Probiotic Will Actually Work For You

    Most probiotic supplements on the market aren't formulated properly to make it past your stomach acid, and all the way into your gut. There are very few companies that formulate their probiotics correctly, and Hyperbiotics is one of them. Jamie Morea, the Co-Founder of Hyperbiotics, launched the company after recovering from a serious incidence of —Read More

    How Jamie Morea Recovered From Intestinal Parasites

    Today I want to share Jamie Morea's success story with you. She experienced debilitating symptoms from intestinal parasites, and wasn't sure if she would ever recover her health. She is now running a successful probiotic company called Hyperbiotics, and helping others Take Back Their Health! Jamie Morea is devoted to making a difference by leveraging the —Read More