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    A Guided Meditation for Anxiety Relief and a Peaceful Mind

    Check out more TBYH Radio episodes with Robin Shirley on BlogTalkRadio   I'm bringing my good friend on the show today! Christine Krieger, a completely wonderful and wise woman, will guide us through a meditation for peace and anxiety relief. She has been teaching yoga, ayurveda, breath and meditation at the Take Back Your Health —Read More

    Surviving Cancer on Real Foods and a Healthy Lifestyle

    Listen to more episodes TBYH on BlogTalkRadio Susan came to nutritional therapy by way of her own struggles with illness. A cancer survivor three times over, she is now cancer free and believes that her dietary and lifestyle changes benefit not only her physical health, but also the health of the Earth and the local —Read More

    Depression and What We Can Learn From Robin Williams

    TBYH Radio
    Today I'm interviewing Dr. Chas Gant from the National Integrated Health Associates in Washington, DC. We're going to talk about depression - what it is, what causes it and how to reverse it. Dr. Gant will explain exactly what is going on in the brain and body that leads to depression, including certain biochemical imbalances —Read More

    How To Improve Your Digestion In 5 Steps

    Today's show is all about digestion - we're going to talk about the connection between good digestion and good health. I'll also share some easy steps you can take to improve your digestion. During the show, I'll teach you about foods you should include, foods you should avoid and how to use food to actually —Read More

    These 5 Healthy Foods May Be Destroying Your Thyroid!

    Every day I hear from “healthy” eaters that don’t understand why their thyroid is not functioning properly even though they are eating so well. That’s actually part of the problem! Before you reach for the vegetable crudite at the next party you may want to continue reading. 1. Too Many Raw Vegetables Many plants contain anti-nutrients that —Read More

    5 Reasons You Are Fatigued and What To Do About It

    Chronic fatigue is becoming a widespread issue. And there is a way out. Today I'm going to explain exactly why you are fatigued and what you can do about it. After the episode you're going to have clear and easy steps to follow that will help you strengthen your body and mind, increase your energy —Read More

    Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?

    According to the CTIA, in 2011, there were 315.9 million wireless subscribers in the U.S. using more than 2.2 trillion minutes and 2.3 trillion text messages. There are 7 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide. The U.S. wireless industry is a $195.5 billion dollar enterprise. With that much money on the line, you’d have a hard time —Read More

    Getting Unstuck

    Nothing is more frustrating than feeling stuck - stuck in an emotional funk - stuck in a bad relationship - stuck in a health crisis - stuck in a draining career - and on and on. Nothing is going to get you out of that funk but change. Change in the way we look at —Read More

    How to Ferment Your Veggies & a Giveaway

    Before refrigeration or even ice, traditional people preserved their food. They found that if they added salt or whey, their bounties from the fields would last for extended periods of time. The diets of every traditional society have included some kind of fermented food. Think kimchi in Asia, sauerkraut in Europe and pickles and relishes —Read More

    3 Ways to Get the Vacation Effect at Home

    Don’t you wish you could bottle that relaxed feeling you get on your first few days of vacation? Your brow becomes unfurrowed, your jaw relaxes, your shoulders come down a notch and all seems right with the world. We take vacations to escape, to explore, to unwind or to seek adventure. But what if you —Read More