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    Kombucha, Kefir and Root Beer, Oh MY! How My Family Gets Our Probiotics

    Healthier Hydration with Probiotic Sodas Having been either pregnant or nursing babies for the last two and a half years, I get really thirsty! And water doesn't always cut it. We started to fall back on store-bought drinks like canned sparkling water and Kombucha from Costco, but I don't want to drink from aluminum cans or —Read More

    Slow Cooker Grass-Fed Pot Roast

      Slow Cooker Grass-Fed Pot Roast I really don't have a lot of time to cook on weeknights, so I'm starting to rely on slow cookers more often. In this video I'm showing you how I make an easy pot roast dinner that takes only 10 minutes to prepare. The ingredients are simple, and allergen-free. I am —Read More

    Classic Green Juice

    Why Drink Green Juice? There seem to be a lot of questions around green juice. What is it? Can I make it in my blender? Is it really healthy? Is it worth the trouble/cost? Etc. I don't think that you have to drink green juice in order to heal. However, it can accelerate healing and make —Read More

    Orange Creamsicle CBD Superfood Shake

    Orange Creamsicle CBD Superfood Shake I've been making this shake for myself for years, but just recently served it to my retreat guests last fall. It was a hit! So I'm sharing it now on the blog. I think it's a great way to cool down in the summer heat. I use a lot of —Read More

    Slow Cooker Pulled Chicken BBQ {Paleo, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free}

    Slow Cooker Pulled Chicken BBQ We don't think of it as medicinal food, but barbecue can be good for the body, especially if you use grass-raised organic meat, a healthful sauce, and lots of antioxidant-rich spices! I make this slow cooker barbecue recipe 2-3 times every month. It's really easy, and so good. This recipe is —Read More

    Moringa Energy Snack Balls

    Organic India has been a partner with Take Back Your Health for years. We have so much respect for their work supporting farmers in India with converting conventional agricultural land into organic herb farms. This delicious recipe from Organic India features Moringa leaves. The Moringa is a tree native to the Northern Indian region that has been —Read More

    Mt. Capra’s Homemade Goat Milk Baby Formula

    Long before I got pregnant I knew I wanted to breastfeed exclusively, but in the case that things might not work out that way, I had a back-up. Before my due date, I made sure to make some of Mt. Capra's homemade goat milk formula and freeze it just in case we needed it!  I also looked —Read More

    Rosemary Roasted Sweet Potatoes

      Roasted vegetables is one of the easiest dishes to make as a beginning cook, and extremely healthy this time of year. Root vegetables are naturally warming to the body, and they provide minerals and carbohydrates that give the body extra energy. I love making sweet potatoes for family gatherings, and on Sundays. The leftovers make —Read More

    Cassava Flour Iced Sugar Cookies (AIP, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free)

    Today I'm sharing this perfect sugar cookie cut-out recipe from Gabriella at Beyond the Bite. She creates and posts healing recipes for Lyme patients. They are Autoimmune Protocol Paleo compliant and absolutely delicious, as she is a professionally trained chef. I came across her cookie recipe on pinterest a few months ago when I was looking for a —Read More

    Cranberry Quinoa Harvest Salad

    As I wait for labor to begin, I wanted to share another cold weather recipe with you! Eating hearty salads this time of year is a good way to balance the heavy warming foods of the season, flood your body with enzymes, and keep things moving through your digestive system! I made this salad for —Read More

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