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    Rosemary White Bean Soup {Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free}

      This is a very delicious soup, I have to say. You wouldn't think bean soup would taste particularly good, but it does! And it's because of one of the unique ingredients: miso. Soup can be a difficult kind of recipe to make if you are avoiding processed foods. It's hard to make soup taste good without —Read More

    16 Healthy and Allergen-Free Thanksgiving Recipes

    Stuffed Turkey Breast from The New Potato. Get the recipe here. When I launched Take Back Your Health™, my intention was to share a healthy lifestyle with you that was also enjoyable. When we think about Thanksgiving, a lot of us assume that it has to be an unhealthy meal, or else it won't be the same, —Read More

    Healthy Reese’s Cups (Peanut-Free, Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free)

    How to Stay Healthy for the Holidays This week we hosted a Take Back Your Health Gathering at Yogasmoga in Brentwood, Los Angeles. We talked about strategies for staying healthy this holiday season despite all of the sweet temptations! I also made some healthy reese's cups for everyone to taste! Recipe below... Oreos on Cereal? I —Read More

    Healing Herbal Chicken Soup

    A Great Way To Re-Mineralize Your Body We hear a lot about "bone broth" these days. It's an ancient food made from simmering bones of fish, poultry or beef for many hours in water. The resulting liquid is full of minerals and collagen protein from the broken-down bones. This kind of nutritious food is helpful —Read More

    Autumn Harvest Salad

    Last Saturday I flew home to Virginia to get ready to host the Take Back Your Health Conference. We are just a few weeks away and tickets are going fast! We are almost sold out and it feels good. After 8 TBYH Conferences, our team is really getting creative and we have some fun surprises —Read More

    Hydrating Cucumber Melon Gazpacho {Paleo, Vegan}

    I always worry that I'm giving you all recipes that take too much effort to prepare. But this one is super simple - you can order the ingredients for delivery, chop the veggies up pretty quickly, and throw them into the blender. It's really important to consume hydrating fruits and vegetables, especially in the heat —Read More

    Sweet and Crunchy Quinoa Salad

    I just finished two and a half weeks of some serious family and friend time. My parents were visiting for the first week of August and then a good friend came all the way from Italy to stay with me for two weeks! It was a wonderful time and full of laughter. Now I'm catching —Read More

    The Easiest Guacamole Recipe Ever

    Yes, I know you can buy guacamole already made from the store. But seriously, green goo being squeezed out of a plastic bag is not my idea of delicious, or healthy. Plus, I'm not quite sure what they put in there. It always tastes "off" to me. Why I Love Guacamole: Guacamole is made from —Read More

    Watermelon Mint Mojitos, Paleo and Sugar Free

    Earlier this week I hosted a Superfood Mocktails Tasting and Recipe Demo at Yogasmoga in Brentwood, Los Angeles. It is such a beautiful space to be in and the people who came were so much fun. I love meeting you guys in person! Get Your Drink On I made Watermelon Mint Mojitos and Lime Coconut Coolers —Read More

    How To Make A Basic Green Smoothie

    Green smoothies can be made with so many different fruits and vegetables. You just need to know the correct ratio of fruit to vegetable to water so you can then go ahead and use up whatever produce you have on hand. This recipe is a template that you can use to create your own green smoothie —Read More