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    Mediterranean Stuffed Eggplant

    I've always preferred baking healthy desserts over cooking healthy meals, but lately I've been more excited to explore the savory side of food. I love getting to use savory herbs and spices because of the health benefits. I've even started an herb garden on my balcony so I'll have my own fresh, organic options. For the past —Read More

    “The Food Babe Way” Book Giveaway

    Can I tell you something? I still take notes with pen and paper. I keep track of events and to-do’s in a physical planner. I subscribe to numerous print magazines and look forward to reading every single page, beginning with the last page first. And I love ending my night getting all cozied up with —Read More

    Seaweed Salad

    I bought this sea vegetable salad mix a few weeks ago while I was exploring the shelves of my local health food store. I'm most excited about it because this salad mix makes homemade seaweed salad much more doable and much less intimidating! All you have to do is soak and drain the sea vegetables, —Read More

    Savory Quinoa “Stuffing” with Sage and Thyme

    This is a good addition to the traditional holiday feast, or any winter meal for a cold night. If quinoa is a new food for you or your family, this is a nice recipe to start with because it incorporates familiar and beloved flavors with a nutrient dense seed, quinoa. Savory Quinoa with Sage and —Read More

    Are Animal Products Good For Healing?

    I often get asked if animal-based products are good for health. Here’s the lowdown. Animal products contain a wide variety of essential vitamins and minerals. It’s not just our little darlings, the vegetables, that contain all the good stuff. Animal meats, fats and bones are traditional foods containing vital nutrients that benefit the muscles, heart and endocrine system. In my —Read More

    Should You Be Eating Sea Vegetables For Your Thyroid?

    The human body is made up of mostly water, both fresh and salt water. To help us maintain a healthy internal liquid environment we need to eat foods that come from the ocean. Many cultures around the world have experienced numerous benefits from eating sea vegetables, otherwise known as seaweed. Energetically, sea vegetables are cooling —Read More

    3 Quick Ways To Make Healthy Eating Easier

    No one has the time or dedication to eat healthy 100% of the time - unless you know these 3 tricks, and you implement them every week. In this episode I will tell you 3 things you can do at the end of every week to make the next week full of easy, simple and —Read More

    Are You Looking For a Recipe to Heal Your Condition? It’s NOT That Easy!

    I’ve got plenty of easy recipes that would highly benefit your body's natural healing ability, but you have to do some digging on your end and make simple adjustments. Oftentimes, I receive emails from people asking, “Can you tell me what to eat for my thyroid condition?” It’s not that simple. To figure out what —Read More

    Healthy Tips For Eating Out

    My focus right now continues to be “keeping it together” throughout the holidays. With that in mind, here are some more useful tips and tricks specifically designed to help you make smart choices when dining out or grabbing food on the go: Smaller portions – order the smallest available serving whenever you can and then —Read More

    The Top 5 Foods That Are Contributing To Your Inflammation

    There are certainly some foods that you can add to your diet to reduce the inflammatory response. However, over the last 15 years I have discovered - through my own experimentation and research and through my work with clients - that avoiding certain foods can be much more effective for preventing the inflammatory response from —Read More