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    Month 5: How I’m Attempting The Healthiest Pregnancy Possible

    We are in month 5, at week 24! Which means we are more than halfway to “the finish line” and everything is going well. But pregnancy life has been hard. Because this was a surprise pregnancy, the first couple of months were largely about us adjusting mentally and emotionally to this new phase of our —Read More

    Pregnancy After Chronic Lyme and Autoimmune Disease!

    Yes, I am pregnant and we are having a baby! This is such exciting news for us to share, and I wanted to tell you all about it... So, I'll start at the beginning of the love story... In early 2016, I met the man of my dreams. And apparently, I'm the woman of his dreams; —Read More

    Outer Banks Retreat, Meeting His Family and Looking Ahead

    Welcome to a new series, Robin's Blog! A good number of you all wanted me to start writing about on what's going on in my life behind the scenes. So, I'll be posting updates on my life and activities throughout the year! It has been difficult to share everything that goes on behind the scenes, because it —Read More

    Gift Ideas To Make The World Healthier

    Here are my holiday gift ideas that have the power to change the health of the gift receiver, and the environment! These products are all made in sustainable ways and are intended to promote the health of the user. I can't think of a better strategy for holiday gift shopping this year. Organic Bath and Body Products Beautycounter —Read More

    Physical And Emotional Healing At Our Charlottesville Retreat

      Here we are - our retreat group for Charlottesville 2017! I'm always surprised at how good of friends we become by the end of just four days. Coming together with the common goal of being happier and healthier always creates magical moments. The same thing always seems to happen at our conferences.     Stephanie Stierhoff —Read More

    Take A Look At Our Photos From Take Back Your Health™ DC

      Here we are, on the other side of an amazing Take Back Your Health Conference™! I opened up the morning with an introduction on what to expect during the weekend, and what are the 6 Steps to Take Back Your Health™.     Chef Frank Giglio shared his tips for cooking healthy, traditional foods for —Read More

    Get A Personal Tour Inside #TBYHLA With Robin!

    We're excited to release our first feature video from inside Take Back Your Health Los Angeles! In the video, I spend some time interviewing our exhibitors and sponsors, like Saunaspace and Vital Choice Seafood. Bulletproof and I also made a delicious cup of organic coffee in the video and my butter mustache gets a close-up! —Read More

    Healing In The Desert With Clean Eating And Sunshine

      We're back from the second Take Back Your Health Retreat this year! Escaping from your everyday life for a few days without expectation, but with the intention to grow...we don't do that very often anymore, do we? One thing that happened again this time was that people experienced breakthroughs that they weren't expecting... "Thank you for —Read More

    On Retreat! Relaxation, Food and Community Are Essential To Taking Back Your Health

      It's really difficult to Take Back Your Health on your own. This week 17 of us are doing it together. We've been having a fun time here in the Outer Banks on retreat. It's so nice to spend so much time with others who have the same health goals and healthy habits! We're all taking —Read More

    What Is It About The Take Back Your Health Conference That People Love?

    I don't know what it is about this conference, but each one that we host ends up being completely wonderful, made even more special by the people who come to enjoy it. “It was such a great event! There were so many speakers and exhibitors that were so helpful and informative. It was such a nurturing environment —Read More