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    My Favorite Quotes from Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer

      Every once in awhile I like to go back and look at these quotes to get grounded and back into a peaceful mindset. I hope they inspire you too... Marianne Williamson Quotes "In every community, there is work to be done. In every nation, there are wounds to heal. In every heart, there is —Read More

    Yoga, Kombucha and Food Trucks! What To Get Excited For At The Take Back Your Health Conference!

    We are quickly approaching the bi-annual Take Back Your Health Conference, happening in Los Angeles this coming April 9-11! There are going to be so many fun things going on at this conference besides the lectures! These are just a few of the highlights: Saturday Morning Giveaway - High Power Blender! You'll have a chance —Read More

    Cancer-Causing Chemicals Get The Boot, New Team Member and Conference Updates

      I want to share some updates with you today, as we prepare for a big spring - two Take Back Your Health Retreats coming up, and of course, the spring Take Back Your Health Conference in Los Angeles! First of all, we've taken on an absolutely wonderful new team member, whom I will introduce —Read More

    My Lyme Disease (Mis)Diagnosis

    My early teen years were difficult, to say the least. I know, most people have a pretty hard time! But this has more to do with medical challenges than puberty and stress over what to wear... My life from 7th grade, right on through college, was defined by depression, joint disfiguration, fatigue, etc... It's an important story —Read More

    10 New Year’s Resolutions to Change Your Life and the World

    These are no ordinary resolutions. They are resolutions that actually make a big difference in the problems we are all complaining about - personally and globally. I've been itching to write about these issues for so long and I hope you find some inspiration. Take a look and see if any of them resonate with you. —Read More

    53 Holiday Gift Ideas To Encourage Healthy Living

      We have so much power to make change in our health and in the health of the world just through our purchases. Where we put our money is where we will see growth. This list is not meant to make you stress about having to spend more money and give more gifts. This is a —Read More

    Why This Was The Best Take Back Your Health Conference Yet…

      I am so thrilled to say that this fall's Take Back Your Health Conference was the most successful conference I have ever held. There were smiles and laughter everywhere, all weekend! We were sold out of tickets and exhibit tables by the week before the event and the rainy weather didn't scare anyone away. —Read More

    Things You and I Shouldn’t Care About Anymore

    How Much Do You Care? I would be willing to wager a fair amount of money that more than half of you reading this post make certain life decisions that are influenced by your desire for approval from other people in your life. I do it. I know my clients do it because they've told —Read More

    Journeying Towards Effortless Happiness

      I was rushing really fast. Rushing hard. Pushing myself. I wasn't happy with where I was because everyone and everything was telling me I should want something different. You watch TV. You have family. You know what I mean! I was really wearing myself thin in an effort to have more "success" with my career —Read More

    They Never Told Me Growing Up Would Be So Hard

    This week I got to pretend to be a model for my boyfriend's portfolio! More about him below... Let me start from the beginning... Taking back my health has become a lifestyle for me. After overcoming most of my symptoms, I now get excited to spend my time each day exploring how I can be —Read More