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    8 Daily Habits That Detoxify Your Body

    With the plethora of poisons in our environment (in our tap water, food, air, clothing, skincare, etc.), it's easy to feel overwhelmed and fearful of what it's all doing to your body, and rightfully so.  But it's easy to detoxify and protect your personal self, and also make change happen on a global scale! We have —Read More

    The 6 Steps to Take Back Your Health™

      The journey to Take Back Your Health can be frustrating and confusing, especially with all the conflicting opinions around food, things you need to avoid, supplements to take, and habits to change. There are 6 basic things that all of us health experts can agree on though, and they are outlined in this video. —Read More

    10 New Year’s Resolutions to Change Your Life and the World

    These are no ordinary resolutions. They are resolutions that actually make a big difference in the problems we are all complaining about - personally and globally. I've been itching to write about these issues for so long and I hope you find perspective and inspiration. Take a look and see if any of them resonate —Read More

    53 Holiday Gift Ideas To Encourage Healthy Living

      We have so much power to make change in our health and in the health of the world just through our purchases. Where we put our money is where we will see growth. This list is not meant to make you stress about having to spend more money and give more gifts. This is a —Read More

    8 Culinary Herbs You Should Be Eating For Your Health

    Before irrigation, refrigeration and worldwide shipping, we had to eat what was available around us. That naturally led to a varied diet. Every few weeks or months, as the weather changed and the plants and animals came and went, you would be eating something different. Do You Have Nutrient Deficiencies? Variety is missing in our —Read More

    The Solution to Your New Year’s Resolution

    Are you looking to elevate your health in the new year? The team at Paleo Parents has compiled the ABSOLUTE BEST resources you will need to revolutionize your family's health in 2015! It's called the Family Resolution Revolution.  This is a collection of 40 ebooks, workshops, meal plans, calendars, worksheets, and discounts to help you —Read More

    Surviving Cancer on Real Foods and a Healthy Lifestyle

    Listen to more episodes TBYH on BlogTalkRadio Susan came to nutritional therapy by way of her own struggles with illness. A cancer survivor three times over, she is now cancer free and believes that her dietary and lifestyle changes benefit not only her physical health, but also the health of the Earth and the local —Read More

    Household Cleaners Makeover

    Do your cleaners need to be locked away under the kitchen sink for fear that a little one will reach in and sample a dangerous chemical? If so, then it's time to do a household cleaner makeover! We've all been misled Cleaning manufacturers have convinced us that we need a specific cleaner for every surface of —Read More

    Garlic For Health & How To Grow Your Own This Fall

    Why Is Garlic Good For Us? Garlic is full of antioxidants and has been said to have antibacterial, anti fungal, anti cancer and heart-healthy benefits. Here's a great explanation on the heart health benefits from the New York Times: "In a study published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers show —Read More

    Organic Gardening Tips For The Northeastern U.S.

    Welcome to my garden at Sycamore Run Farm. This is our organic vegetable, fruit and flower garden here in the rolling hills of Virginia. Today I'm giving you a peek inside of our vegetable garden this July. There are a ton of crops to harvest as many of our spring plantings approach the end of —Read More