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    The Surprising Connection Between Alpha Lipoic Acid And Heavy Metal Detox

    This post is about Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) and its relationship to heavy metal detoxification in the body and brain, in particular mercury detoxification. I wanted to address this issue because ALA is a very common supplement and it has a few actions within the body related to metal detox that can be very dangerous to —Read More

    Do You Feel Like Every Food and Thing Is Bad For You?

        A lot of us focus on everything that's bad for us - everything in our environment and our food that's harming us and making us sicker. While it's important for us to know about those things, it's equally important to be able to focus on the solutions and live joyfully instead of fearfully. —Read More

    Easy Step To Avoid Pesticides Linked to Cancer, Autoimmunity and More

    Are you focusing on the wrong approach to healing? So many of my clients are concerned about their carb/protein/fat ratio or their omega 3 fish oil pills. That's all fine, but when I ask them if they are eating all organic, they often say, "No." If you fall into this category, you need to rethink your —Read More

    How Meditation Helped Me Survive Chronic Pain

    Yes, meditation HAS helped me find relief from physical and emotional pain. Let me tell you how... For those of you who don't know my story, I'll explain briefly that I was in severe chronic pain throughout my teenage years and early 20's, caused by autoimmune arthritis. In the beginning, I used meditation as a way to find short-term —Read More

    On Retreat! Relaxation, Food and Community Are Essential To Taking Back Your Health

      It's really difficult to Take Back Your Health on your own. This week 17 of us are doing it together. We've been having a fun time here in the Outer Banks on retreat. It's so nice to spend so much time with others who have the same health goals and healthy habits! We're all taking —Read More

    An Ingredient For Happiness For People In Pain

      When I first started getting serious about reversing my autoimmune arthritis condition, my motivation to "Take Back My Health' was so that I could be pain-free. I was young and naive, and I soon realized that even if I overcame the physical pain of autoimmune arthritis, I would still experience pain, just in other forms. —Read More

    How to Finally Get Rid Of Overwhelm and Stress

    Today I'm sharing my method for eliminating stress. If you feel any amount of overwhelm, read on... Almost every one of us is experiencing overwhelm from school or career responsibilities, relationships, family, work, etc. And overwhelm from all the things we think we should be doing, but don't necessarily want to do. Stress causes physical, emotional —Read More

    How to Make (and Keep) Friends When You Have Chronically Illness

    One of my clients is chronically ill and doesn't feel a connection with his old friends anymore. He wants to meet people who understand what he's going through and who want to live a healthier lifestyle as well. At first, he thought that joining a support group for his illness might be the way to —Read More

    10 Ways to Tone Your Body When You’re in Chronic Pain

    Traditional "workouts" are tough if you are in chronic pain. Over the years I had to develop my own easy and creative ways to maintain physical strength during autoimmune arthritis flare-ups. It's important to keep your body strong for many reasons including circulation, detoxification, bone strength, muscle strength, digestive health, core strength and peace of mind. Here are —Read More

    Cancer-Causing Chemicals Get The Boot, New Team Member and Conference Updates

      I want to share some updates with you today, as we prepare for a big spring - two Take Back Your Health Retreats coming up, and of course, the spring Take Back Your Health Conference in Los Angeles! First of all, we've taken on an absolutely wonderful new team member, whom I will introduce —Read More