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    Intuitive Healing

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    We will explore what intuition is – how we can identify it, how we can hone and refine our intuition and use it to help our bodies heal. A main focus is – how to move from “thinking you know what your body needs,” into a Deep Knowing of what your body needs. I’ll share a simple exercise you can start doing regularly to hone your intuition. Bring pencil and paper!

    The Reasons Why Your Body Won’t Heal No Matter What You Do

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    The recording will be available until January 2021

    You try and try, and then try a little harder, but your body isn’t getting better no matter how much you do. I’ve seen this in so many people and the reasons are usually the same. Hint, it has a lot to do with your personality, lifestyle and purpose! I’ll share the science, and give examples from clients and my personal life. This is an 80 minute webinar.

    Transformational Eating – How to Change Your Body and Mind with Food

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    The recording will be available until January 2021

    Nothing has amazed me more on my Take Back Your Health journey than the power of my food choices. Food can tear you down physically and mentally, it can start a slow burn of inflammation in every part of your body, cripple you with aches and pains, bring on brain fog and depression, and more.

    Or, your food choices can relieve you of a lifetime of heaviness, bloating, and stiffness. Food can lift your mood, give you back your childhood energy and make you feel on top of your life.

    Transformational Eating is about eating sacred foods that actually change the way your cells perform, and create powerful shifts in your energy, mindset and emotional health.

    During this webinar, we will focus on foods that we can and should be eating – giving ourselves delicious options that satisfy cravings, provide the nutrients our body needs, and help reduce inflammation.

    Many of us eliminate major food groups, which can make you feel great for a little while – but anytime you add a food back in, you go back into a flare. Elimination diets and food restrictions provide temporary relief, and don’t really give you any guidance on important nutrients to add in.

    Let’s talk about what foods we should be adding into our diet for permanent physical transformation.

    You Can Expect To Learn:

    –> How food transforms us, on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels
    –> Examples of transformation with certain foods
    –> What are “sacred foods”? What does that mean to me? And how are they different?
    –> 10 easy daily habits you can implement to create this complete health transformation that we are talking about.

    You can watch the recording by clicking here.

    The recording will be available until January 2021.

    Heavy Metal Detox Strategy: An Essential Step In Health Recovery

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    Heavy metals are one of the most damaging toxins we come into contact with in our modern lives. They are persistent free radicals, recycled throughout the body, ravaging healthy tissue, damaging our DNA, creating widespread inflammation and working with pathogens to create even more complex health challenges.

    Heavy metals like mercury, lead and cadmium damage our cellular detox pathways, infiltrate our energy-producing mitochondria, clog cellular communication sites and damage nervous system tissue.

    Heavy metals are implicated in every mental health disorder and autoimmune condition. We must detoxify them from our bodies in order to heal.

    Heavy metal detox technology has changed in the last few years. I want to share updates and tips on how my family is dealing with this detoxification challenge.

    In this webinar I’ll share:

    • How do you know if you have heavy metal toxicity?
    • How do heavy metals like lead, cadmium and mercury get into our body?
    • Why are some people more affected than others?
    • What symptoms do they cause?
    • How can you detoxify metals safely and quickly?

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    What Causes Autoimmune Disease? What Can We Do About It?

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    Why do you (me, your daughter, your mother…) have autoimmune disease? And what can we do about it?

    These are questions that my parents and I asked ourselves hundreds of times. Why am I so sick? Why is my body turning on itself?

    I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at age 11, and it took me almost 15 years to figure out how to recover.

    Autoimmune disease is a very complex issue – and becoming increasingly complex. The world of medical research knows so much more about autoimmune disease than our doctors tell us.

    There are many factors contributing to autoimmunity, but there are several factors that are the biggest offenders…and we can do something about them!

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    Activate The Parasympathetic For Rest & Digest: A 15 Minute Guided Visualization

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    In this class I’m going to help you get your body into “rest and digest” mode – where the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) restores homeostasis to the body, allowing you to heal.

    We will do this through a guided visualization that I’ve developed for my own healing journey. It’s called “The Relaxation Technique.” It began as a childhood bedtime routine – something my parents did for me when I had trouble falling asleep. It’s grown into a full meditation experience that I’ve used at our retreats to bring us into a place of relaxation and healing.

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