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    Why Regenerative Agriculture Is Our Best Hope To Heal Our Planet and Our Health

      One of our upcoming TBYH Conference speakers is Kyle Garner, the CEO of Organic India, a company creating a demand for organic ingredients in an area of the world that has greatly suffered from GMO seed manufacturers. Organic India makes quality herbal teas, supplements and personal products based on the principles of Ayurvedic medicine. We —Read More

    5 Ways To Know If Your Probiotic Will Actually Work For You

    Most probiotic supplements on the market aren't formulated properly to make it past your stomach acid, and all the way into your gut. There are very few companies that formulate their probiotics correctly, and Hyperbiotics is one of them. Jamie Morea, the Co-Founder of Hyperbiotics, launched the company after recovering from a serious incidence of —Read More

    How Jamie Morea Recovered From Intestinal Parasites

    Today I want to share Jamie Morea's success story with you. She experienced debilitating symptoms from intestinal parasites, and wasn't sure if she would ever recover her health. She is now running a successful probiotic company called Hyperbiotics, and helping others Take Back Their Health! Jamie Morea is devoted to making a difference by leveraging the —Read More

    Outer Banks Retreat, Meeting His Family and Looking Ahead

    Welcome to a new series, Robin's Blog! A good number of you all wanted me to start writing about on what's going on in my life behind the scenes. So, I'll be posting updates on my life and activities throughout the year! It has been difficult to share everything that goes on behind the scenes, because it —Read More

    Miso Lentil Soup

    I just finished making this batch of Miso Lentil Soup for our Take Back Your Health Retreat in the Outer Banks this weekend. I like to offer a couple of soup options for breakfast and lunch during the retreats for those who like very simple, savory and grounding meals. This recipe is full of flavor —Read More

    Overcome Lupus Symptoms With Stephanie Stierhoff

      What is Lupus? (Also called SLE, systemic lupus erythematosus). What symptoms of Lupus were you experiencing? When my son was born 30 years ago I was experiencing severe joint pain mostly in my hands to start. There was one point when I could not open my mouth to feed myself because my jaw was seemingly —Read More

    How To Protect Yourself From Cell Phone And Laptop Radiation

    Meet Daniel Debaun, CEO of DefenderShield, a mobile radiation shielding company. Daniel is a former Executive Engineer for AT&T and Bell Labs. He knows what the industry insiders know about how mobile radiation harms our bodies, and what you can do to protect yourself! What are Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) and Why Should We Be Concerned? —Read More

    Best Tips For Regenerative Sleep With Claus Pummer

    What drives your passion for helping others take back their health? First my mom fell ill and passed, then my father. It just became very clear to me that health and happiness are linked together and I had a way and information to share to help people live happier, healthier lives. This is way more fulfilling than —Read More

    Balance Your Hormones Through Food

    We interviewed Jessica Pantermuehl, NTP on her journey to hormone balance through food ... and what she's going to teach at the upcoming #TBYHLA Conference! We are so happy to share her happy smile and contagious, healthy vibes with you! Read on... ***** Can you tell us about your experience with hormone imbalance and what lifestyle changes —Read More

    Adrenal Fatigue, Brain Fog and Acne Recovery with Detoxification Expert, Brian Richards

    Brian Richards and SaunaSpace have been extremely supportive of the Take Back Your Health Conference and I just had to share his story with you all. After recovering from his own health challenges, he has been working tirelessly to help the public understand Sauna Therapy - and how to use it safely and effectively to —Read More