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    Robin Shirley’s Natural Lyme Disease Protocol


    I am really looking forward to sharing this information with you. This is how I treated myself for Chronic Lyme Disease and it is how I guide consultations with Lyme patients who come to me for help.

    Because of the simple fact that other people have overcome Chronic Lyme Disease and the co infections, we can be confident that the human body, in its strongest and healthiest condition, is able to overcome Chronic Lyme Disease.

    We have to ask ourselves why some people are able to overcome, and some are not.

    I tend to believe that it’s the strength of a person’s immune system and the function of their digestive system, detox pathways and hormones, that make the difference. All of these functions can be affected by particular foods, toxins and infections. And they can also be repaired and optimized through specific and therapeutic intervention like detoxification, antibacterial and antiviral herbs, supplements and foods.

    I am tired of hearing Lyme patients talking about colloidal silver, acupuncture, apitherapy/bee venom therapy, and other costly, painful, ineffective and dangerous treatments that are not addressing the primary issues behind why your body is not able to overcome this infection.

    Here are five steps to reversing Chronic Lyme Disease that I feel should be addressed before spending money on other costly, less effective treatments.

    This information is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Please check with your doctor before beginning, stopping or changing your supplement, diet, exercise or prescription routine.

    Before I committed to these five steps, I was applying for disability. I could not work and was extremely depressed to the point of having lost all passion for life. The protocol has taken 3 years so far and I feel that I’m back to about 90-95% health.

    1. Extreme Care

    Early on, I developed a sort of camaraderie with my body and my immune system.

    I decided that I was going to treat my body well, as though I was very ill, because I was very ill. I wasn’t going to try to be tough, or to “fight” the sickness and carry on with my normal life. I was going to succumb to being ill, in the sense that I was going to treat my body with the care that we used to treat ourselves when we were ill.

    I get in bed at a decent hour, I drink lots of water, wear warm clothes, drink chicken broth and hot tea, relax, ease up on commitments, etc.

    2. Chronic Lyme Nutrition

    I have developed a strict nutrition protocol that delivers the nutrients that the immune system needs to fight the infections, and that eliminates the foods that weaken the immune system. It’s taken me years to develop and work out the kinks, including budget and time constraints.

    3 Pillars of Chronic Lyme Nutrition:

    1. Eliminate foods that weaken and irritate the body and immune system.
    2. Add foods that support and strengthen the immune system and help to kill infection.
    3. Customize the diet for any additional health challenges you are experiencing.

    Next week on the blog I will go into more detail on these three pillars. This nutrition protocol brought me to about 50% better.

    3. Antibiotic Herbal Protocols

    I did not want to take antibiotics. I had been on them many times as a child and did not want to deal with any further digestive and immune damage. I had spent hundreds on healing my gut with probiotics and probiotic foods and did not want to do damage to that with even one round of antibiotics.

    I decided to trust that herbal antibiotics might have the same effect as prescription antibiotics for me, and I was right.

    The Full Cowden Protocol
    I was on the Full Cowden Protocol for 6 months. I threw up a few times the second week of the protocol from detox, and then began a steady improvement from there. The Cowden Protocol reduced the brain fog, fatigue and inflammation. It did not bring me back to 100%, but enabled me to go back to work part time.

    Stephen Buhner Healing Lyme Naturally
    I then switched to the Buhner protocol and was only able to stay on it for 3 months due to a very strong herx reaction. The herbs are very strong and very effective.

    Teasel Root
    Next, I tried Teasel. It is said to force the spirochetes out of muscle tissue. It was very light reaction for me, and I’m not sure if the effect was significant. I have heard of some people with minor cases who have healed from this herb alone. I do not think it should be tried as a primary treatment for those who are severely ill – you need something comprehensive and gentle to begin with, like Cowden.

    Lastly, I took Neem from Organic India. This actually helped clear up really minor and strange symptoms that I hadn’t thought much of until they were gone, like dandruff.

    These antibiotic herbal protocols brought me to feeling about 75% better. I continue to rotate through them in case any infection is staying dormant and decides to reappear.

    4. Frequent Low Dose Chelation

    Heavy metals are a serious concern for chronically ill patients. But most doctors don’t detox properly – frequent low dose chelation is the only safe and effective way to chelate. Do not use IV chelation or challenge tests. Please read through this entire section to understand and stay tuned for a more in-depth post later this month.

    Heavy Metals Contribute To:

    • Biofilm structure around yeast, bacteria and virus,
    • Brain tissue damage,
    • Detoxification pathway blocks,
    • Hormone pathway blocks,
    • Digestive system damage,
    • Headaches,
    • Mental health issues and
    • Nervous system damage

    Are You Toxic with Heavy Metals?

    We are all exposed to lead, mercury, aluminum and cadmium from bottled water, tap water, the air we breath (San Francisco especially), supplements, cosmetics, pesticides, orthodontics and dentistry, weather controlling and altering chemicals sprayed in our atmosphere, many of the products made in china and leaded paint and leaded gasoline, which are still affecting us today.

    You are affected by heavy metals whether you like it or not.

    Heavy metals block hormone uptake receptors and detox pathways (thyroid disease and hormone imbalance, anyone? Methylation pathways not working, anyone?) They also cause extreme free radical tissue damage in your gut (do you have leaky gut?) and in your nervous system (are you losing your memory or coordination?). And sadly, they cause infertility and spontaneous abortions.

    Dirty Secret of IV Chelation
    Intravenous chelation does more damage than good because the chelating agent pulls all the metals into your bloodstream, and then drops them there, as that chelating agent disintegrates. Most chelating agents, including EDTA, DMSA and DMPS, have a half-life of about 4 hours, which is not long enough to carry the metals all the way to your kidneys for excretion. As soon as the agent disintegrates and lets go of the metals, your body rushes to put them back away into your fat cells, muscles and nervous system tissue. This is called “redistribution” and it is not good. It causes more damage to your body.

    I personally would never allow a doctor to perform intravenous chelation on me.

    Even the urine challenge tests provide a high oral dose that can have the same negative effect on us. I experienced 4 weeks of being bedridden after the oral chelation challenge test. Although, it did do one positive thing – it proved that I was extremely toxic with heavy metals.

    Frequent Low Dose Chelation
    This is an oral chelation method that is gentle, effective and quite affordable compared to other detox protocols. You start with extremely low doses and work your way higher. You take the chelating agent every 4 hours to keep your blood levels high and avoid redistribution.

    Join the Yahoo Group and read Amalgam Illness before following this protocol. I do walk people through the protocol, and I recommend that you find someone like me who can do this with you. It is not to be taken lightly.

    I cannot express enough how much this protocol has improved mine and my clients’ symptoms of inflammation, brain fog, digestive distress and depression.

    This protocol brought me to about 90-95% back to complete health.

    5. Detox Your Home and Routine

    This is the last step, and is the most costly of the five steps outlined here. That is why I put it last – so that you could start feeling better without having to spend a ton of money. Then, you can start working again and implement these expensive changes later when you have a supportive income.

    Drinking water
    We can no longer turn our heads to the problems around drinking water. The environmental and personal health stakes are too high. Lead, asbestos, chlorine, and other carcinogens are at an all-time high in tap water, and even in bottled water. The amount of plastic by weight in the oceans will exceed the weight of fish by 2050. We must stop drinking from the tap and from plastic bottles. The only solutions are at-home filtered water or spring water, gathered from the source. Read my post on drinking water here, so you can decide what filter or option is best for you.

    I used to not worry too much about eating Certified Organic food. But I can assure you that it is one of the most important detoxification habits we can implement. You must stop putting the toxins in before your body has a chance of detoxing the serious toxins that are buried deep in your fat and organs.

    Pesticides sterilize your gut just as effectively as they kill pests on plants, so keep in mind that your digestion and immunity will forever be weakened until you are eating 90-100% organic.

    Supplements are notorious for heavy metal, GMO, pesticide and allergen contamination. I take only that supplements that are extremely necessary. I take the herbal protocol supplements, chelating agents and a few vitamins and minerals as needed.

    People in supportive relationship roles in your life (like boyfriend, mother, friend, sister, etc) should not be causing you more stress or unhappiness. I realize that the pain of “breaking up” with these people might be enough to keep you in the relationship, but you must analyze if the damage done to your emotional state is worth the benefit of staying as-is.

    Skincare should not contain any heavy metals, hormone disrupters or known carcinogens. The only company that I know to test each and every batch of product is Beautycounter. They are committed to eliminating these toxins and they are lobbying for European skincare safety standards to be implemented in the U.S.A.

    Clean and Declutter
    It is important to have a decluttered and dust-free home. House clutter translates to mental clutter, which puts unnecessary stress and discomfort into our lives. Dust carries virus and bacteria, including the flu virus and common cold. Dust also irritates our immune system. A dust-free home makes for a stronger immune system and less chances of catching a common illness.

    Home Products
    Home products need to be fragrance-free, and chemical-free. You can clean your home entirely without chemicals or store-bought cleaners. The only cleaners I now buy are fragrance-free dish soap and non-toxic laundry detergent. You should dust, declutter and vacuum weekly, or as often as possible. You should wash bedsheets twice-monthly. You should clean the bathroom with hot water, castile soap and essential oils at least twice-monthly. Make sure you don’t have mildew in the drains, as this is an immunosuppressant.

    Well, there you go. Those are the top concerns for Lyme Disease patients. Until you have addressed all of those issues, please try not to spend unnecessary money on other treatments that don’t address the true issues.

    Your Next Steps

    After overcoming Chronic Lyme through a complementary approach including nutrition therapy, I now consult with Chronic Lyme patients to support them with their own recovery. I am a member of the American Board of Drugless Practitioners.

    Private Consultations:
    Please visit this page for more information on consultations:

    Chronic Lyme Nutrition:
    If you would like nutrition support including meal plans, recipes and shopping lists, visit my resource website here:


    Keep taking back your health,

    6 Responses to Robin Shirley’s Natural Lyme Disease Protocol

    1. Brandon December 23, 2016 at 4:07 pm #

      Let me tell you this. With all due respect, colloidal silver saved my life. 104 degree fevers, muscle spasms, blindness, brain fog, joint pain, heart palpitations, you name it. All gone due to colloidal silver. Lyme does pop back up every now and then, I take silver, it’s gone. True story

      • Robin Shirley January 24, 2017 at 2:02 am #

        That’s wonderful Brandon! I’m glad that it worked for you.

        Unfortunately there are many who it does not work for. Also, in my opinion, there is not enough information on the safety of long-term or high dosing of silver. So personally I wouldn’t feel safe using it!

    2. Taylor Vishay August 7, 2017 at 9:14 pm #

      Can you do the low dose chelation if you still have amalgams?

      • Robin Shirley August 24, 2017 at 4:55 am #

        Taylor, I personally would not do that, and I know many integrative doctors and practitioners who would advise against it!

    3. Cait November 5, 2019 at 12:27 pm #

      Can Teasel be taken WITH Cowden and antibiotics? My LLMD has never heard of Teasel, which shocked me, and now I’m a bit skeptical of him.


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