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    My Strategic Evening Routine For Better Health And Sleep


    Well, here is my first video since becoming a mom, and Olivia makes her youtube debut! It feels good to be doing videos again, that’s for sure.

    I wanted to share my evening routine with you all because it’s a great time to get in your healthy habits for the day. I have a few key habits for building health, and I want to encourage you to build an evening routine around habits that bring you closer to your health goals too!


    My Strategic Evening Routine For Better Health And Sleep

    (This is what I did pre-mommyhood. Now my routine is in transition but I still try to get most of this in.)

    Dimming the Lights & Lighting a Beeswax Candle: I make sure to dim the lights to stimulate melatonin production, which is our “sleep hormone” and signals to our body that it’s time to wind down for the night. I also like to light beeswax candles. As the beeswax burns, it releases negative ions that can pull toxins out of the air, and candles tend to create a more calm space in general!

    Stretching and Tennis Balls: I tend to hold my shoulders up near my ears all day, so by night time my head and neck are in a lot of pain! I lie on my back on two tennis balls and move them up and down either side of my spine, pausing for a few minutes every few inches. The pressure releases the muscle tension and acts sort of like a massage, but different! I also stretch my neck gently and use a foam roller between my shoulders and neck to release tension. It helps reduce my headaches and back/neck pain. 

    Hydration & Supplements: At the end of the day I ask myself if I’ve drank enough water and taken all my supplements. If not, I make it up before dinner or right afterwards.

    Family / Relationship Time: Relationships are so important for our emotional wellbeing. I spend most of my evening routine with family, especially since becoming  a mom. We talk, eat together, play games, watch TV, take walks and go out to dinner/movie/event on the rare occasion! If you aren’t in a relationship or don’t live near family, don’t sit at home alone every night! Find local groups near you and get involved in your community. You need people in your life who care about you in order to reach your happiness potential.

    Wash Face / Brush Teeth: I didn’t mention in my video, but I do wash my face with coconut oil. I rub it in, and wipe it off with a hot washcloth. That’s it! No cleansers. I add a little more clean oil for moisture after washing off the first layer. I also take really good care of my teeth – brush, floss, waterpik, gargle with salt water and rinse with a hydrogen peroxide dilution. Lyme patients usually have dental symptoms, which I have had plenty of, so I always have to be extra careful. It is a pain.

    Wind Down In Bed: Once I get into bed, I usually write in my gratitude journal a short list of things I am grateful for in my life. It helps me stay positive, and over time it has squashed my pessimistic tendencies!  I also try to fit in some Reiki on myself and prayer. If I have the time, I will read a few pages of a good fiction book.



    In the future I plan to add back in a few things that I used to do, including:

    Energy Medicine
    I’m a really sensitive person, emotionally and energetically. A lot of us who have been affected by chronic illness are sensitive, and perhaps that is why we are more susceptible to illness. I practice a few chinese energy exercises that I picked up along my health journey from various acupuncturists, healers and friends. 

    Holding the plank position for 90 seconds, and the side plank for 60 seconds each has been my go-to exercise to keep my body toned all-over. It’s the one single exercise that hits more muscle groups than any other. I notice that it helps keep my arms and stomach toned with minimal effort!

    Most of our mysterious chronic illnesses are being linked to an infection of some kind, whether it’s parasites, virus, bacteria or yeast/mold. I believe that (with exception) most of us should care for our microbiome balance by consuming cultured (probiotic-rich) food, and using antimicrobial herbs on a regular and rotating basis. For those who actually have a diagnosed chronic infection, I love a few specific protocols, including The Cowden Protocol, and Dr. Hulda Clark’s Parasite Cleanse, and Para One. But you don’t have to follow a “protocol” to use antimicrobial herbs. You can enjoy everyday antimicrobial herbal teas and superfoods like ginger, pau d’arco, cayenne, thyme, camu camu, cinnamon, and more.

    Evening Walk
    I thoroughly enjoy being outside at night when the stars are out, the air is cool and the world is quiet. I can’t do this in the city so much, but when I’m back in Virginia visiting family it is the best way to end the day!



    What habits are part of your evening routine? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


    Keep taking back your health,
    Robin Shirley

    3 Responses to My Strategic Evening Routine For Better Health And Sleep

    1. Laurie February 4, 2018 at 1:12 pm #

      Robin did you still take charcoal while pregnant? Is it safe?

      • Robin Shirley February 4, 2018 at 5:21 pm #

        Hi Laurie!
        I did take charcoal during pregnancy, the Bulletproof brand as that is the cleanest I know of. Charcoal is non toxic to the body and doesn’t get absorbed into the bloodstream, so that’s why I felt safe taking it. It actually helps with morning sickness and preventing toxins from going to the baby. I don’t have any official confirmation from a doctor on all that, just my own research and knowledge. I did find this article, which I have not checked the sources or credentials of the author:

    2. Megan Harris February 5, 2018 at 10:14 pm #

      Thanks for sharing that! I had never thought about taking the charcoal. I will be adding that into my routine.

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