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    Better Indoor Air Quality Checklist

    The seasons are changing, which is always a great time to clear out the old and make some space for things to come. The transition to fall is a good time to work on cleaning the home to improve air quality.

    Better indoor air quality = better respiratory and whole body health this winter. 

    Here is my home maintenance checklist for the Autumn transition:

    • Change your return air filter and consider using air vent filters! Make sure the main return air filter is actually at the return air vent and not at the unit.
    • Have your air ducts cleaned by professionals. 
    • Diffuse Oregano and Thieves essential oils to knock down fungus / mold spores in the air
    • Test any areas around the house that appear moldy 
    • Use a UV, Ionizing and HEPA air filter in the bedroom for healthier air during your restorative sleep
    • Buy some air cleansing and oxygenating plants
    • Do a through dusting and vacuuming every two weeks
    • Declutter, and have a housekeeper come and do a deep “fall clean,” if not more frequently
    • Get rid of any fragranced/scented candles and air fresheners – they contain immune toxins
    • Open windows on cool, breezy days
    • Use salt lamps to increase the negative ions in the air
    • Ask a professional to check under the crawl space for water leaks, mold, etc. 
    • Have a contractor or handy man check for exposed fiberglass insulation in your attic or basement and have it covered 
    • Get your gutters cleaned and make sure they are directing water far away from the foundation to prevent a moist basement 
    • Make sure your dehumidifier is running, especially in humid climates

    Have you implemented any of these strategies? Are you struggling with any of them? Leave a comment!

    Keep taking back your health,
    Robin Shirley

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