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    Shop Small this Season with the TBYH Community

    As we (finally!) come to the close of this crazy year, we wanted to give members of the Take Back Your Health™ community the opportunity to promote their own shops and businesses in our gift guide. We know the last few months have hit small businesses very hard, so we hope you will consider purchasing from our fellow health and wellness friends when doing your holiday shopping!

    Below you will find gifts for the mind, body, and spirit both from makers and long-time affiliate supporters of the TBYH mission. If there are any other small shops or healthy brands you would like to plug, be sure to give them a shout-out in the comments.

    With that, we introduce the gift guide! Happy shopping!

    Give the Gift of Learning

    Andrea Beaman’s Books

    Andrea is a long time supporter and promoter of the Take Back Your Health™ community. Many followers will remember hearing her speak at past events or perhaps meeting her at a retreat. Her healing journey has inspired many others to become empowered in their own quests for recovery from illness.

    Her book detailing her healing experience, The Whole Truth – How I Naturally Reclaimed My Health, and You Can Too!, would be a great gift for that person on your list who needs some hope and encouragement to keep going in his or her search for wellness. Her book specifically about healing the thyroid, Happy Healthy Thyroid – The Essential Steps to Healing Naturally, is another great choice.

    Cultural Revivalists Courses

    The Cultural Revivalists are a pair of women working to reconnect people with food as it was intended, through traditional cooking methods, with a focus on fermentation. Leslie and Lyndsay are in the process of expanding their offerings, but currently have four courses on a big Black Friday sale through the end of the week. We have our eyes on their sourdough and kombucha courses!

    Weston A. Price Foundation Membership

    The Weston A. Price Foundation does important work to promote “food, farming, and the healing arts,” pulling from cultural history around the globe to unlock the secrets to natural and long-lasting wellness. They fearlessly address modern health claims and provide science-backed evidence for their approach. Membership can be purchased or gifted and includes their quarterly journal, annual Shopping Guide, and access to their private Facebook and Q&A groups.

    Give the Gift of Connection

    Baxter Coaching Services

    Lynette Baxter is a TBYH community member who runs her own coaching business. She experienced radical healing when she learned to quiet the chaos in her life and better manage her stress. She now helps others do the same. In-person and virtual coaching sessions, for individuals, couples, and groups, are all available.

    Some of her specific options include Personal Health & Wellness Coaching, Couples Coaching, and Caregiver Coaching. Learn more about her coaching services, for yourself or a friend, at:

    Calm and Empowered Moms Group

    One of our TBYH community members wanted to share her new Facebook group for health-minded moms in our gift guide in the hopes that joining would be a little gift for any mamas reading this today! Wendy is a holistic parent and wellness coach and started the “Calm and Empowered Moms” group to give members a safe and positive space to host discussions in these times. She is offering free group healing sessions for members now! You can connect with her and the community here.

    TBYH Retreats

    Yes, our very own Take Back Your Health Retreats would make a very special gift for that friend or family member who needs a getaway with like-minded women to relax, eat nourishing food, enjoying meaningful conversations, and learn new ideas for pursuing greater health. We have a spring and fall retreat planned for 2021 and spaces fill up fast!

    Give the Gift of Protection and Detoxification

    DefenderShield’s 5G EMF Protection Accessories

    Even the healthiest homes need internet access in our modern world. DefenderShield’s products can help keep you and your loved ones safe from harmful EMF radiation, including the new and more intense radiation caused by 5G towers.

    Their scarves double as warm accessories and their phone cases would make great stocking stuffers or gifts for friends. They also have belly bands for pregnant mamas, laptop pads to protect “the goods” when you’re working with your laptop in your lap, blankets, air-tube headphones, blue light blockers, and more!

    They are having a Black Friday/Cyber Monday Super Sale through Monday November 30th where people can save up to 25% off the entire website! The code is SUPER2020.

    SaunaSpace’s Luminati Sauna

    SaunaSpace makes premium quality infrared saunas and accompanying enclosures to promote healing and detoxification for their customers. The four bulb Luminati sauna specifically provides maximum benefit through raising the body temperature and exposing the body to a full spectrum of red light, resulting in mitochondrial stimulation.

    Though the cost is the highest on our list, for those who can afford it, this is a gift that will never stop giving back to its recipient!

    Touchstone Essentials Zeolites

    Touchstone Essentials tagline “The Good Inside” describes both their goal and their products. By creating products with the cleanest ingredients and only natural sources, they promote internal wellness and accelerate healing. Some of you may have heard Robin talk about their Zeolites on recent webinars, including the Heavy Metal Detox webinar. They are a trustworthy choice for safe and thorough detoxification.

    We even have “$50 off an order of $75 or more” gift cards for those who want to try the products. Just email us at info [at] clubtbyh [dot] com.

    Young Living Starter Kits

    Not only are essential oils a wholesome gift, they are pretty too! Young Living’s Starter Kits make wonderful, well-rounded gifts for anyone on your list this year. Young Living makes only the finest oils from the purest sources and has been around for a few decades, proving they are not rising just to meet a trend but rather care about whole person wellness.

    Their “Welcome Home” kit includes their most popular oils to help someone wading into using them, but their Thieves Starter Kit is the one we have our eyes on. This special blend was inspired by thieves in the 15th century who managed to stay healthy while robbing the graves. Young Living’s line of products using this blend have helped many transition their home cleaning and sanitation products away from chemical-based options.

    We would love for you to use our YL Order Link if you choose to gift one of these products!

    Give the Gift of Self-Care

    Earth Radiance Skincare

    Earth Radiance creates skincare products that will help balance your body’s natural pH, promoting healing and a healthy appearance. Their products are organic, vegan, and produced in small batches to ensure the highest quality. Their skincare line offers solutions to all sorts of woes, including those caused by medications, dermatitis, and pregnancy.

    Laura Miller’s Lavender Pillows and Salts

    Laura Miller is a TBYH community member who normally hosts a holiday sale in her home every year, featuring her handmade products. Due to current events, she was unable to host her usual shop, so we are featuring her products here! Her lavender products in particular sound delightfully calming after the 2020 stress.

    Below are her products and pricing. To order, email her at lauratmiller [at] aol [dot] com.

    • Lavender eye pillows – Great for relaxation, headaches, room darkener for sleeping  $8. ea
    • Lavender bath salts – $8 per jar
    • Pure Vanilla – Gluten free, no sugar added – small 4 oz $8.  large 8 oz $15.
    • All natural hand sanitizer 2 ounce – $4. contains aloe, witch hazel, lavender oil and thieves oil
    • Simmering Holiday potpourri – 5 ounce bag – $5.
    • Gift pails – include holiday towel, holiday note pad, holiday lip gloss, choose small vanilla or eye pillow, bottle brush ornament – $23
    • Angel candle holders – $4 each

    Simply Skin’s Massage Treatments

    After a couple minutes of reading through Simply Skin’s massage treatment options, we are about to give this gift to ourselves! Katharine is located in Charlottesville, VA, so this gift will have to go to someone local!

    Katherine is a certified Massage Therapist and Esthetician and offers Therapeutic Massage and Holistic Esthetics including Prenatal Massage, Facial Gua Sha, Craniosacral Therapy and Body Treatments. Her Prenatal Signature Treatment and pandemic-friendly One-on-One Facial Gua Sha Instruction sound amazing.

    April’s Custom Malas

    TBYH community member April sent in the following description of her custom malas, which she calls “Wearable Prayers”:

    “I make custom malas based on a 1:1 virtual session. After our session, I am divinely led to choose the exact right elements for your one-of-a-kind prayer beads. I cleanse and energize the beads and then pray each one into place to create a beautiful and deeply personal spiritual tool. All elements are thoughtfully sourced and each piece arrives in a lovely box with instructions for how to cleanse and use your mala, as well as a full description of each element and how the entire piece is woven together to assist you as you work towards your highest good.” 

    Custom malas can be gifted to oneself or a loved one and start at a base price of $110. Call or text April Kline at 845-282-0177 or email love [at] aprilkline [dot] com to order.

    Give the Gift of Flavor

    Midwest Mermaid Muse’s Small Batch Seasonings

    Midwest Mermaid Muse has an easy way to make healthy eating more exciting. Their all-purpose “Land & SEAsoning” can be used on your favorite salads, vegetables, meats, eggs or seafood. It will boost flavor and add nutrition to any meal or snack!

    The ingredients are: Organic seaweed powder, Himalayan sea salt, Dried Hawaiian seaweed, Raw nori flakes, Mushroom blend, Onion powder, Turmeric, Cumin, Coriander, Garam masala blend, Roasted red chili powder.

    They are offering a special holiday deal through January 15th, 2021. Purchase one combo set (for $17.50) of Land & SEAsoning and get one free! Use this 2 for 1 to buy the combo as a gift then keep the other combo for
    yourself! (Promo Code CYBER)

    Wishing you all safe and happy shopping this season!

    Keep taking back your health,

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    1. Deepa November 29, 2020 at 6:21 am #

      We would love to be on this list as well. Our wholesome spice blends are made locally in Sterling Virginia with organic whole spices and herbs using traditional techniques. Our methods allow each blend to impart authentic flavors of the cuisine it represents. Made without added colors, oils, preservatives or anticaking compounds. Pure, simple. Excellence in Simplicity!

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