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    About Robin Shirley

    Robin Shirley Robin Shirley is the Founding President of Take Back Your Health Int’l, a company that hosts health conferences and retreats across the U.S. She speaks, consults and writes about The Take Back Your Health Lifestyle and how to reduce the symptoms of chronic illness, especially in children.

    Robin is a mother of two beautiful babies, a passionate cook, a Medical Intuitive, Reiki Master Practitioner, Energy Healer, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a member of the American Board of Drugless Practitioners.

    Robin has helped thousands of people overcome the symptoms of Chronic Lyme Disease, Autoimmune Disease and Depression through her energy healing sessions, intuitive readings, and nutrition, detoxification and healing protocols.

    Robin grew up with chronic pain, headaches, rashes, depression, digestive discomfort and out-of-control systemic inflammation, and was diagnosed with Systemic Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at 11 years old. She tried everything to heal naturally. Food overhauls helped a little, supplements helped a little, but nothing truly took the pain away. At 23 years old, Robin was on track to file for disability and give up on her dream to run her own hospitality company.

    Energies aligned and answers came – she was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease – a disease that can cause Rheumatoid Arthritis. Knowing what she was dealing with, now she could apply her knowledge differently, to get different results. 

    Robin has personally experienced the power of a natural approach to reducing pain and inflammation. Fast forward and Robin is now 32 years old, a mother of two beautiful babies, fiancé to the love of her life and running the business of her dreams. 

    During her healing journey, Robin founded Take Back Your Health Int’l. It was her mission to share what she was learning about health recovery with others who are chronically ill and in so much pain. The hit conference, Take Back Your Health D.C., and her sold-out retreats, draw repeat attendees and have grown a tight-knit community of thousands of health enthusiasts who are taking back their health.

    Robin has spoken for organizations including the University of Virginia Cardiovascular Center, The Arthritis Foundation, Arthritis Introspective, The Nutritional Therapy Association, Take Back Your Health L.A. and D.C., and The Live Aware Expo. Robin has worked with and shared the stage with health luminaries such as Robb Wolf, Sally Fallon Morell, David Wolfe, Donna Gates, Ty Bollinger, Vani Hari, Kate Northrup, Joel Fuhrman, John Douillard and John Robbins, among others.

    Robin is in the process of writing her first book and launching online healing programs for chronically ill patients to get healthy from home. 

    She writes and posts about the Take Back Your Health Lifestyle on

    For speaking inquiries, please contact: info [at] clubtbyh [dot] com


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