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    Medical Intuition and Energy Healing

    Distant Healing Sessions with Robin

    After years of practicing “under the radar” at our retreats and in-person sessions, I literally feel pushed by current events to emphasize how important this work is to healing from disease.

    For those who feel stuck, confused or hopeless about their health prognosis, please read on as this work can provide powerful guidance and get your on the right path to recovery. Read on to learn about my journey into this healing modality, below!

    I. Distant Reiki Energy Healing, Chakra Clearing & Energy Restructure

    This is a distant session in which I will channel healing energy and work with your angels and spirit guides. We work on clearing emotional and physical wounds, and balancing your chakras and energy body. I will share any insights I receive. $125 / 60 minute remote session. I will share any insights I receive via email or a short phone/zoom call.

    Please email info [at] clubtbyh [dot] com to set up an appointment.

    II. Medical Intuition Phone Reading

    $125 / 30 minute remote energy scan and reading, plus Reiki energy infusion followed by a 30-45 minute phone/zoom reading/discussion. It is preferred for me to do a reading without being in person because emotions and materials won’t get in the way of the energetic communication.

    Please email info [at] clubtbyh [dot] com to set up an appointment.

    My Journey Into Energy Healing

    I came to energy healing when I was at my physical and emotional worst. Feeling suicidal depression, and in too much pain from rheumatoid arthritis to finish college, I went back home. I was defeated, scared and hopeless about my medical prognosis. I googled “healers” in my city and went to a wellness center to see a dream interpreter, Reiki energy healer and a medical intuitive.

    The emotional healing and spiritual growth that resulted brought me to a place of intuitive clarity and inner peace where I could “connect the dots” and intuit the steps that would lead me to recover my health.

    Divine guidance and my intuition took over and pointed me towards the doctors I needed to see, the books I needed to read, the habits I needed to incorporate, the supplements I needed to take, and the foods I needed to eat. To me, this is truly what it means to Take Back Your Health and become your own healer.

    I began Reiki Practitioner training a year after I began receiving treatments. During my Reiki training, my grandfather’s spirit came into the room and stood by me during the attunement. Everyone in the room felt him. Since then, spirit guides and angels have been by my side through many of life’s challenges, the beautiful moments, and especially during healings. I used to think angel guidance and angel work was so “out there” – even after starting to receive energy healing for myself. But once they showed up for me, I couldn’t deny it.

    I began noticing my X-ray perception shortly after the Reiki training, while doing energy healing work on others. I suspect it has been with me my whole life but I didn’t know to pay attention to it, and at first I didn’t know that it was the beginning of medical intuition. I would see inside people’s bodies – their skeleton, tissues and blood vessels, and sometimes cancers would show themselves to me. I started seeing flashbacks from traumas in their childhood and vivid imagery telling me the story of this person’s wounds.

    So I began studying the work of Tina Zion, Dr. Norm Shealy, Caroline Myss and Dr. Barbara Brennan. After almost a decade of practicing Reiki Energy Healing in this way, I finally admitted to myself that what was happening during my sessions was Energy Restructuring and Medical Intuition.

    Looking back to when I was a child, it started making sense how my parents always told me that they felt better after I would rub their feet, or give them hugs and cuddle with them when they weren’t feeling well. When we are children we haven’t yet been conditioned to hold back our energy in the ways we do as adults.

    Energy & Healing From Disease

    Throughout my time hosting Take Back Your Health Conferences I’ve come to see that the people at my events who are having trouble healing aren’t unaware of the things they need to do to recover, and they aren’t in the wrong place. They are just stuck in energetic patterns that are holding them in a disease state. They haven’t reached that necessary place of inner peace and energetic clarity that allows us to move forward with healing.

    Reiki Energy Healing provided me with emotional and spiritual healing that accelerated my recovery from Chronic Lyme and Autoimmune disease. Without Reiki, my energy, emotions, mindset and spirituality would have held me back from finding the right healing path for me.

    When I began offering Reiki and Medical Intuition Readings at our Take Back Your Health Retreats, I noticed a significant shift in energy and emotion of the women in our group. There was a subtle but palpable change in the women who had blocks of energy and old traumas cleared. I’m so glad to have brought this healing modality into the fold of Take Back Your Health and I hope that we all will gain better health from its wisdom.

    I would be honored to help you find hope if you are where I was over a decade ago – feeling lost and hopeless – stuck with the pain and fatigue from chronic disease.

    About Reiki Energy Healing & Medical Intuition

    Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a system of Enlightenment and a Hands on Healing art developed in the early 1900’s by Mikao Usui in Japan. It is an art that is passed from Master to student. The word Reiki comes from two Japanese words – Rei and Ki, meaning Universal Life Force Energy.

    We all have access to the life force energy, otherwise known as our chi, qi or prana, that flows through each and every living being. Distance Reiki is one of many ways to link to and channel this energy for the healing benefit of others.

    During sessions, which I’ll often do over the phone, I’ve had people ask if I was just working on a particular area, or say things like, “I felt my toes tingling just now.” And indeed, it would be the place where I was working. Regardless of distance, Reiki can have benefits such as increasing feelings of relaxation, happiness, empowerment, and ease.

    As the Reiki energy begins to release blocks caused by tension, anxiety, fear, or other negative thoughts and feelings, some people drift off to sleep or enter into a light dreamlike state. Some see colors, report spiritual experiences and mystical visions. At the end of the treatment, one feels relaxed and refreshed with a positive, more balanced outlook.

    The distance symbol is used to cross any distance in time or space. It allows practitioners to clear blockages from someone’s past, as well as perform reiki on someone who is not physically present. Distance Reiki works according to an ancient principle called the Hermetic Law of Similarity, which holds that we are all connected, as we are all made of energy and part of a larger whole. Invoking this law during a distance Reiki session allows the practitioner to link up to the energy field of the recipient.

    A Medical Intuitive is a psychic or intuitive counselor who specializes in perceiving information concerning the human body. A Medical Intuitive can energetically read the insides (organs, glands, blood, etc.) of our bodies.

    This work is done by intuitively scanning the body for areas or imbalance that may need alignment or treatment. Often times the Medical Intuitive will be able to explain the connection of the energy to an emotion or an event causing the illness. Intuited information can then be provided to the client’s medical doctor and/or health care professional for further evaluation and discussion of possible treatments.

    Take Back Your Health with Robin Shirley