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    Robin’s Story

    How Take Back Your Health™ Came To Be…

    Take Back Your Health is a lifestyle that grew from my desire to experience life the way I always imagined I would, free from the limitations of disease.

    At 12 years old, after a diagnosis of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, I delved into the world of holistic health, integrative nutrition and green living. I focused on nutrition a great deal, and left out some other more important methods of reversing disease. My symptoms became so debilitating that I had to use a wheelchair during travel at one point.

    Finally, I received a proper diagnosis of Chronic Lyme Disease (something I had been tested for at age 12, but gotten a false negative). Once I knew that indeed my immune system was fighting an infection, I knew how to help it. I focused on all the major areas for healing within Chronic Lyme Disease and recovered my health within about 3 years. 

    Robin Shirley and Andrea Beaman Take Back Your Health ConferenceTM

    Take Back Your Health™ is a way of living that is powerful enough to dissipate the symptoms of severe autoimmune disease and chronic illness– I say that because that’s my story. But it’s grown into a lifestyle that can bring the whole body, mind and spirit from a state of disease back into balance.

    Healthy lifestyles tend to give the impression of restriction, boredom and loneliness. I could feel these things becoming a reality when I first began to eat and live in a healthier way. I was having to sacrifice some other areas of my happiness in order to improve my health. I refused to let this become my reality. And it hasn’t.

    I’ve found my own way to live and to be in this world, that brings me both health and happiness. And I am here to teach you how to find your way too.


    Take Back Your Health™ is for anyone who has ever felt limited by dis-ease, whether it be physical, mental or emotional disease.


    Take Back Your Health ConferenceTM

    In 2011, with the help of my family and friends, I hosted the first Take Back Your Health Conference in Washington, DC.

    Since then, Take Back Your Health™ has transformed from a simple conference into what you see here on this website. As more and more people attend the TBYH Conferences and go through Take Back Your Health Coaching with me, my excitement for this way of living grows.

    The thing that is so awe-some about the Take Back Your Health lifestyle is that as you begin to make healthy changes, you start to see the power that you have to control exactly how you feel. No one should ever expect, or allow, someone else to take responsibility for their own health.


    The greatest part about Taking Back Your Health is that you realize your own power to have exactly what you want – if you just take the time to learn about your body and mind and to open yourself to change and possibility.


    Within the pages of this website you will find secrets to a lifestyle that will enable you to live your life free from the limitations of disease.

    Use this website as a resource. Read as much as you can from the blog, join Club TBYH for the support and advanced healing information, and come out to spend some time with us at our Take Back Your Health Conferences. Use Take Back Your Health™ as a catalyst to discover and live your own healthy and happy lifestyle.

    With love and hope,

    Take Back Your Health ConferenceTM Robin Shirley and Stephanie Hall

    Robin Shirley and Jason Wrobel Take Back Your Health ConferenceTM




    Take Back Your Health ConferenceTM

    Take Back Your Health ConferenceTM Kate Northrup

    Take Back Your Health ConferenceTM

    Take Back Your Health ConferenceTM

    Take Back Your Health ConferenceTM

    Take Back Your Health ConferenceTM

    Take Back Your Health ConferenceTM

    Take Back Your Health ConferenceTM

    Take Back Your Health with Robin Shirley