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    The mission of Take Back Your Health International is to empower you to live life as you always imagined you would, free from the limitations of chronic disease. We create awareness around healthy lifestyle habits and protocols that are reversing chronic mental, emotional and physical illnesses around the world. Click here to read our story.

    Take Back Your Health International is recognized for its cutting-edge information, positive community of followers and commitment to making a healthy lifestyle more fun and easy. Today, Take Back Your Health hosts conferences, retreats and one day seminars to teach and make these powerful lifestyle changes and protocols accessible to everyone.


    Robin Shirley is the founder of Take Back Your Health International. Robin grew up with out-of-control systemic inflammation, which her doctors labeled as Systemic Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and Chronic Lyme disease. She has spent over 15 years on her own studying and experimenting with nutrition, herbs, movement and various alternative therapies.

    Robin has personally experienced the power of holistic nutrition and lifestyle adjustments on reducing pain and inflammation and increasing joy and pleasure, which is her inspiration to serve and support others with health challenges.

    Robin speaks, consults and writes on the topics of natural health care and reversing chronic disease. She is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and a member of the American Board of Drugless Practitioners. Her formal training was at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition through SUNY Purchase College.

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    Robin Shirley, founder of Take Back Your Health, says, “Most women don’t realize how much diet affects skin. Dairy is the biggest offender, causing red spots, whiteheads, and inflammation.”

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