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    Skin and Body Care


    Enessa is my recent favorite therapeutic skincare company. All of the ingredients are designed to repair, protect and regenerate your skin. She makes everything in small batches in Los Angeles. 


    Beautycounter is a perfect option for those who want safer, non-toxic, and high-performing skincare and makeup. I use them for all of my makeup and sunscreen. They also have a men’s and kid’s line.


    Schmidt’s Deodorant just happens to be the only deodorant that works well for me, and is all-natural. I hope it works for you too! 
    I like these three toothpastes:

    Dr. Bronner’s



    Blue-Green Algae (like Spirulina and Chlorella
    Bee Pollen
    Camu Camu Powder
    Mangosteen Rind Powder
    Morninga Leaf Powder
    Cacao Powder
    Hemp Seeds
    Chia Seeds
    Maca Powder


    Home Goods

    Blender (Vitamix)

    There are a lot of copy cat blenders out there. I’ve tried them … they don’t seem to work as well as the Vitamix. They won’t blend up kale and carrots into smoothies. Vitamix also has an amazing warranty. I’ve sent mine for a repair and it was taken in, repaired and returned, shipping paid… wonderful!

    Shower Filter

    I use an Aquasana filter. My family loves it – skin irritations from chlorine have disappeared.

    Water Bottles

    My two favorite glass water bottles are Aquasana and Life4u. I don’t like metal water bottles as they always make my water taste metallic and I can’t help but feeling like I’m drinking metals. You will break a few glass water bottles if you use them regularly, but I feel like it’s just one of the unavoidable trade-offs.


    Ingredients / Cooking Supplies

    Kombucha and Home Brewing Supplies


    Supplements For Chronic Illness 

    Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil
    Grass-Fed Organ Complex
    Liver Capsules
    Adrenal Support – Drenamin
    Digestive Enzymes
    Vitamin C
    Magnesium Citrate
    Magnesium Malate
    Thrive Probiotics
    Vitamin D
    Calcium / D3 / K2
    Pearl Supplement for trace minerals


    Parasite Cleanse Supplements

    Para 1 
    Para 2

    Herbal Protocols For Lyme

    The Cowden Protocol by Nutramedix


    Pregnancy Supplements:

    Prenatal Vitamin (with folate) Gummies  or Capsules
    Cod Liver Oil
    Cod Liver Oil Capsules
    Dessicated Liver Capsules
    Magnesium Malate
    Prenatal Probiotics
    Calcium / D3 / K2


    Real Food Resources

    Puree Juice Bar

    Organic and raw. They just started shipping to the entire U.S.!

    Weston A. Price Foundation

    You can contact your local chapter leader for a list of local farmers and producers. You can find almost anything one would need for a healing diet!

    Primal Pastures / Pasturebird

    This is where I get organic, locally raised, grass-fed meats and poultry. They are local to California, and ship all over the country.



    Nutritional Therapy Association
    Andrea Beaman’s New Healers Coaching Program
    Institute for Integrative Nutrition
    Real Immunity, The Documentary
    Udemy Sauerkraut and Kimchi Basics Course by Cultural Revivalists



    How to Shop for Shift by Taryn Hipwell (I’m quoted in this book!!)

    Take Back Your Health with Robin Shirley